White County Shooting Death Under Investigation


White County Sheriff Rick Kelley is not saying a lot about an early-morning shooting on Boca Hills Road in Sautee on Tuesday.

Deputies were called to the home about 4:50 a.m. to a dispute between a father and son.

0:05 {KELLEY 2: “The victim in the case is Anthony Chambers. He is the son in the family.”}

Chambers, age 34, died at the scene.

Kelley says the shooting appears to be self-defense.

0:06 {KELLEY 1: “That’s what it appears to be right now. The father is the one that shot the son.”}

No charges have been filed.

A group of residents opposed to another multiple townhouse development off Chase Road outside Cornelia got their wish in that the issue did not make it to a vote at Monday night’s Habersham County Commission meeting.

Citing safety concerns and road conditions, Commission Chairman Dustin Mealor failed to second a motion to approve the development.

Austin Nifong had applied for a map amendment to change the zoning to allow for a 64-unit townhouse development on 13.64 acres on Lawrence Street near Grace Baptist Church.

0:26 {MEALOR: “In this case, I was not interested in the development purely on the basis of the fact that we already have a 64-unit development coming in Chase Road. Chase Road’s already a very narrow road. I would argue that the roads that lead in to Chase Road from this proposed development are already older roads in disrepair, but mainly the safety issue.”}

Mealor says had the issue gone to a vote, he believes there would have been a 2-2 split on the issue, meaning the zoning change would not have occurred anyway.

One thing Habersham County Commissioners were united in Monday night is the selection of the next county clerk.

Brandalin Carnes, who has been working as assistant county clerk for several months, on Tuesday accepted the commission’s offer to serve as county clerk.

Prior to coming to the county, Carnes worked as an adult Medicaid caseworker in Macon County, North Carolina.

A native of Otto, North Carolina, roughly 40 miles from Habersham County, she has spent her life in the Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia area.

Carnes has lived in Rabun County for the past eight years, where she and her husband are raising their 7-year-old and a herd of 15 dwarf dairy goats.

Commissioners now are seeking an assistant county clerk.

And, another Habersham County bridge has been impacted by heavy rainfall.

This time it’s the bridge over Licklog Creek on East Mize Road outside Demorest.

County officials closed the bridge at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, saying that closure will last at least two weeks while the condition of the bridge is evaluated and corrective actions are taken.

East Mize Road connects Demorest-Mt. Airy Highway and Double Bridge Connector.