Habersham County Clerk Position Offered to Current Interim Clerk


The Habersham County Commission looked within its own office to fill the county clerk position.

0:18 {MEALOR 1: “When we came out of executive session, we made the decision to make an offer to Brandalin Carnes for the position of county clerk. Upon her acceptance, we would immediately post her position so that we can then backfill her and hopefully get some of the workload off her that she’s been experiencing for the past couple of months.”}

That’s Commission Chairman Dustin Mealor.

Carnes has served as assistant county clerk for several months and has been filling in as county clerk since the departure of Lindsay Underwood.

Citing unfinished business, Clarkesville Mayor Barrie Aycock says she will seek one more term.

Aycock says she wants to see more projects through to completion.

0:26 {AYCOCK: “Clarkesville is at somewhat of a crossroads where a lot of really good things can happen in the next four years and I want to be a part. I’ve worked hard for the last six years and not all of it has been fun. It’s been stressful.”}

Aycock says now that the city-owned buildings on the rebuilt east side of the square are about to go into private ownership that will free up money and will combine with 1-cent SPLOST proceeds and other funds to be spent improving the city.

The Habersham County Commission got a look Monday at possibilities for the future of the old courthouse in downtown Clarkesville.

Lew Oliver, whose firm did a conceptual dreamscape of what downtown and city corridors might look like if redeveloped at some point, showed commissioners aspects of the proposal specifically pertaining to the 1960s-era, three-story building on the square.

Oliver says he will bring a developer to look at the building later this week and possibly may bring two other developers in the coming days so county leaders can make an informed decision about the building’s future.

One thing that will not change, whether or not the concepts are acted upon, is relocation of the Habersham County Veterans Memorial located on the square, Oliver and commissioners agreed.