Wreck knocks out power in Cornelia

Just as the sun was rising over Cornelia on Friday, a wreck involving a tractor-trailer left a portion of downtown in darkness.  Authorities say the driver of the rig hit a utility pole on North Main Street just after 7:30 a.m., causing most businesses to lose power.

Slack Auto Parts was one of the shops affected. Chris, an employee, said he heard a loud bang and looked up in time to see the trailer strike the pole.

"A Dollar General truck was leaving out across the bank, hanging a right, cut it too quick, hopped the curb and the trailer he was pulling ended up knocking into the power line and knocked it over," he said.

Once the truck made contact with the pole, it fell and pulled over poles next to it, including one right in front of the Shoe Cobbler.

"Wires started touching. That one blew and then it worked its way up the line and blew the next one." Chris said.

As of 2 p.m. Friday, businesses still didn't have power along the north strip of Main Street which was closed off for a large portion of the day. However, Georgia Power was on sight ready to install new transformers.

No one was injured. The Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident.