[VIDEO] Gasaway maintains Banks Co. Sheriff does not reside in county

HOMER - Former House District 28 representative, Dan Gasaway took to Facebook to further his claim that Banks County Sheriff Carlton Speed does not live in Banks County.  Gasaway asserted this claim previously, during the lead up to the special re-do election this past December, and brought his case to court after the election after losing by just 2 votes.  Gasaway's claims over Speed's residency were not enough for Judge David Sweat to rule in his favor, and Speed's vote was maintained.  With another election looming next month, Gasaway has doubled down on his claim.  "There is a recent Facebook post that has received a good bit of attention," Gasaway starts, "some have questioned the veracity of the information I have provided. This Power Point video may help those that want to study the history of the issue. The Banks County folks need to remember that my wife is a descendant of the Wynn family, which dates back to before the creation of Banks county. Her ancestors owned, among other things, a state licensed liquor distillery in what is now north Banks County (Wynn Lake Rd. area), in 1850."

Full video below: