Updated Qualifiers List

An updated list on who has qualified for the November 5th elections has been sent out. Laurel Ellison released the new list via email, stating "A name was left off the list on Friday. The City of Cornelia had Mark Reed to qualify for City Commission, Ward 1 seat."

Town of Alto
    Mayor - Audrey Turner
    Council Member, Post 3 - John Allen Fox, Jr
    Council Member, Post 4 - Eddie Palmer
City of Baldwin
    City Council, Post 1 - Larry Lewallen
    City Council, Post 2 - Theron Ayers
    City Council, Post 3 - Stephanie Almagno
    City Council, Post 3 - Ray Holcomb
City of Clarkesville
    City Council, Post 2 - Roxie Barron
    City Council, Post 3 - Terry R. Gladden
City of Cornelia
    Mayor - John Borrow
   City Commission, Ward 1 - Wesley A. Dodd, Jr
   City Commission, Ward 1 - Mark Reed
    City Commission, Ward 4 - Tony Cook
City of Demorest
    City Council - Jerry R. Mobley
                            John P. Hendrix
                             Nathan W. Davis
Town of Mount Airy
    Council Member - Adam Tullis
    Council Member - Mike McCoy
    Council Member - Chris Green