Two People Suffer Burns from Demorest Rock Quarry Incident


OSHA will be investigating after two people were seriously burned in an incident at the rock quarry in Demorest yesterday.

When Habersham County and Demorest emergency personnel reached the injured people at the quarry, two medical helicopters were called, says Chad Black, county fire chief and emergency services director.

Black says due to the severity of the burns, the unnamed victims were flown to a burn center for treatment.

Black says the only information available initially is some type of pipe or device was being cleaned at the time of the incident.

No other information about those involved or their conditions is available.

Booster vaccine doses for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine have been approved for specific groups of fully-vaccinated individuals. Although the booster dose is not required, it will help fully vaccinated people maintain protection over the coming months.

That booster vaccine is available to qualifying individuals in Habersham County beginning today.

0:41 {YOUNG: “The boosters have been approved so as long as you have completed the Pfizer series at least six months ago, then you qualify as long as you are 65 and older, live in a long-term care facility, or if you’re 18 and older with an underlying condition, or if you have an occupational or institutional exposure risk. Our counties have reopened their vaccination sites starting September 27, so we will have most of our vaccination sites reopened and Habersham County is doing their vaccination site Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and that’s at Cornelia First Presbyterian.”}

That’s Natasha Young of District 2 Public Health discussing the Habersham County site.

The approval is for the Pfizer vaccine only. Moderna and Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccines have not been approved for additional booster doses.

Appointments are not necessary, and Public Health officials remind residents it is not too late to receive the first round of COVID-19 vaccine from their local health department or healthcare provider.

Two people were injured and entrapped during a two-vehicle wreck on Highway 365 at Wilbanks Road in Baldwin Friday afternoon.

The wreck, just after 12:30 p.m., happened when a Honda mini-van pulled from Wilbanks Road into the southbound lanes of Highway 365, striking the passenger side of a Subaru Forester.

Upon impact, the Subaru overturned and came to rest on its side facing east. The car’s two occupants were trapped in the vehicle for an extended time and had to be freed by Baldwin and Habersham County emergency responders.

Both occupants of the Subaru were injured and were taken by ambulance to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Neither the at-fault minivan driver nor her passenger was hurt.

U.S. Representative Andrew Clyde is not sugarcoating his response to a proposed abortion bill.

0:47 {CLYDE: “Evil. Just pure evil. That’s what this bill is. HR3755, and it’s a Democrat-led and sponsored bill. They’re trying to take down the Texas bill, which the Supreme Court upheld. This is so wrong on every solitary level. I really believe that the Democrats – the Leftists, the Communists, the Socialists – they have a great fear that the Supreme Court may rule and take down Roe v. Wade, and that would be the decision of Dobbs versus Jackson’s Women Health Organization. We’re expecting a decision in June of 2022, and I think that future cases, abortion advocates are concerned the courts will no longer limit pro-life legislation.”}

Clyde, who represents Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, shared his thoughts on WCHM’s “The Morning After” on Thursday.

A financial institution with two banks in Habersham County will continue to operate with several hundred employees in Blairsville, despite what was reported in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

United Community Bank employees in the Union County area can rest easier knowing their jobs will not be moving to the new Greenville headquarters as a Greenville publication had reported.

0:24 {HARTON: “We have about 300 support roles in Blairsville today and so all of our projections maintain those 300 jobs there in Blairsville. In fact, if we moved any to Greenville, No. 1 it would be a bad business decision. We’ve got great people there in Blairsville – really the heart of the company. And, we wouldn’t have room for them, so it just got excited about the math and made a mistake in what they were saying.”}

That’s UCB President and Chief Operating Officer Lynn Harton speaking about the Blairsville operations group.

Not only will the 300 Union County jobs remain but Harton said there also are currently 27 job openings in UCB’s Blairsville local workforce.