Two Habersham Deputies Arrested

Two Habersham County Sheriff's deputies have been arrested after an off-duty fight.

Howard Chance Oxner, 51, and his son, Zachary Alexander Oxner, 29 were taken into custody on Monday after an altercation that took place on June 29.

Both parties sustained injuries from the fight and warrants were issued for one count of battery each for the Mt. Airy men.

In order to be transparent with the public, the Sheriff's Office requested an independent investigation from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. According to Habersham County Sheriff's Lt. Matthew Wurtz, both employees are undergoing disciplinary action by the department.

"They're probably going to be put on 36 months probation and they're going to have to go to mandatory counseling on about how to handle your anger," Sheriff Joey Terrell said.

Terrell added that neither man has a history of complaints or issues with the department. Both met with Terrell yesterday to discuss moving forward and how the situation could have been better handled.

"There's a lesson in here for all of us," Terrell said, "There's ways that we can handle ourselves a whole lot better than doing what we're doing."