Trent Davis Joins District 4 County Commissioner Race

Habersham Co. - Trent Davis is joining the District 4 County Commissioner race against Natalie Crawford and Bruce Harkness.

In his announcement, Davis says “I would like to publicly announce my candidacy for Habersham County Commissioner District 4. I am excited for this journey and look foward to moving our county in the right direction! Thank you for your consideration and support. Vote Trent Davis on May 19th.”

When asked what led to his decision, Davis says “It’s crossed my mind for a while.”

“I’ve known that this was going to be a big election year and basically the way it kind of came down was my mother in law is a former county commissioner and she was contacted by someone in the community that asked her to run,” Davis continues. “She just didn’t feel like she had the time and basically the energy to put forth all the effort, so she came to me and asked me if it’s something I’d be interested in and I told her let me think about it. Shortly thereafter, I decided I was going to run.”

“I think I’d bring a new set of eyes or maybe even a new vision for our county,” Davis says. “I’m pro Habersham growth and safety and law enforcement.”

Davis says one of the things he is excited to do if elected is to work with the elected sheriff to help retain and recruit sheriff deputies. “I feel like my generation of police officers are getting out of it because there’s not much money in it, you spend a lot of time away from home, and there’s a lot of stress involved in being a police officer.”

“I basically would like for my daughter to grow up in the same Habersham I grew up in,” Davis says. “I do believe a little bit of change is a good thing.”

Trent is a Habersham native, having been born and raised in Cornelia. He is married to Ashley Dockery Davis and they have one daughter Lorelai. Trent is a graduate of Habersham Central and received a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Georgia with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensics.  

After earning his degree, Trent worked for the City of Gainesville and then with the State of Georgia for the State Board of Pardons and Parole. While working for Parole, Trent began to miss the daily interactions he had with the public and was able to return home to Habersham as a Patrol Officer for the City of Cornelia. 

While he was with the City of Cornelia, he was promoted to the position of Sergeant. In 2017, Trent ended his career in law enforcement to become a dad. 

“I think I made a really good choice by doing that, but I still do miss the public interaction and being there for my community,” Davis says. “I feel as being a commissioner, this could be my way of giving back to the community like as I did as a police officer.”

Trent now works for his family at Dockery’s Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air. He returned to school and has earned degrees in both Heating and Air and Electrical Systems.

According to his release, “Trent prides himself on being a man of integrity and will do anything for a neighbor. He believes in conservative values and is a God-fearing family man.”
Trent is an active member of Level Grove Baptist Church where he serves as a family Deacon. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors. Trent is a registered USDA farmer and enjoys growing and canning his own fruits and vegetables. 

“Trent is an advocate of responsible growth and development for Habersham,” Davis’ release reads. “As part of a family-owned and operated business, Trent understands how important small businesses are to our county and way of life.”

The release continues, stating “Trent is against raising taxes; and will work to keep our taxes low while providing the necessary services for our county.  Habersham County has many challenges before it such as maintaining infrastructure, economic development and managing growth. Trent feels that he can bring fresh new ideas to the table to tackle these issues without placing a burden on the taxpayers of the county.”