The Krockum Convoy Hits the Streets Demanding Demorest City Manager to Resign

Demorest - If you passed by Demorest City Hall today, chances are you saw protestors with signs protesting Demorest City Manager/Clerk Kim Simonds on each corner of downtown Demorest. These ladies are calling themselves the ‘Krockum Convoy.’

Amber Burrell and Heather Dotson are the organizers of the group who have vowed to make their voices heard. 

“It started out as something small just about firing a police chief who was doing something right,” Burrell said. She is talking about Krockum standing up for one of his officer’s First Amendment Rights, and she was not the only one who felt he was doing the right thing. 

The group of ladies noted that their day started bright and early outside City Hall around 8 a.m. Thursday, May 7. They were still out there at noon.

With signs that enticed the public to honk their car horns if they wanted Simonds to resign, the streets were filled with car horn after car horn. “It has not been quiet much today,” Burrell said, suggesting many people were in favor of what was written on those signs.

When it comes to why the group is doing this, Burrell told WCHM, “this is about stopping corrupt politics in all small towns. The corruption has to stop somewhere and if it continues it will spread throughout Habersham County and Northeast Georgia.”

Cherri Hendrix was one of the five women outside today protesting Simonds and said the convoy will stand outside protesting until there is only one convoy member left standing or “at least until dark.”

“She’s [Simonds] on a power trip,” Burrell said, referencing Simonds. “You gotta put a stop somewhere.”

Burrell said she and the others have no plans to quit protesting anytime soon. “Not until she puts in her resignation or we vote to have her fired.”

Simonds is not the only city official the convoy has issues with.

“We have found out things about Councilman [Nathan] Davis,” Burrell tells WCHM. “He boldfaced lied in the public meeting the other night, saying he lives at 606 Georgia Street. That’s his mother’s residency. You don’t live at home with your momma.”

“Mr. [John] Hendrix brought his wife in on a call,” Burrell continues. “During the entire time in the meeting, you could see Mr. Hendrix turning to his wife for confirmation on any advice.”

“I feel like that is a typical political game of cat and mouse,” Burrell said. “They said ‘well I’m going to scratch your back and you scratch mine and because we’re putting him [Krockum] back in, please don’t make us step down’.”

When it came to the two newly elected councilmen who offered to resign if the public wanted them to, Hendrix said she would like them to hold on to their seats a little while longer for certain reasons.

“We don’t want them to resign until after they vote out Kim,” Hendrix said. “because if they resign before she gets terminated then there won’t be enough votes to terminate her.”

Dotson and Burrell and several others were seen doing the same thing right before the Demorest Council Meeting Tuesday. “We’re going to be out here every day until the upcoming meeting on Tuesday,” Hendrix said. “We just want Kim to resign.”

You can find them on Facebook at ‘The Krockum Convoy.’