The Habersham County Board of Commissioners Work Session and Monthly Meeting Scheduled for Monday, Sept. 16

Habersham Co. - The Habersham County Board of Commissioners has scheduled a Work Session for September 16, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

A quorum of the Commission will be present; no votes will be taken.

The meeting will take place at the Habersham County Administration Building Commission Conference Room 130 Jacob’s Way in Clarkesville.

    a. Refinance of Series 2014 Certificates – Series B Bonds
    b. Presentation by Chad Black, Emergency Services Director - Emergency Services Employee Pay Rates
    c. Update on Jail Bond Referendum Educational Efforts
    d. Airport Commission Recommended Actions on September 16, 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda
    e. Letter to Representative Rogers Repealing Local Acts Article I Section 6 of the Habersham County Code of Ordinances
Followed by the Habersham County Board of Commissioners’ Meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept, 16. The meeting will be held at the Habersham County Courthouse, 295 LLewellyn St. in Clarkesville.

    a. Consider/Approve Lease of CAT D6 Dozer for the Habersham County Landfill
    b. Consider/Approve Acceptance of Midway Drive into the County Road System for Maintenance
    c. Consider/Approve Temporary Construction Easement to Repair a Cross-Drain Pipe on Stapleton Road
    d. Consider/Approve Budget Adjustment 2020-01
    e. First Reading of CLDR Amendment to Wireless Telecommunications Article XVII
    f. Consider/Approve Handicap Parking Additions at Soccer Facility
    g. Consider/Approve Resolution Transferring the Old Courthouse Property to the Habersham County Development Authority, Regarding the Sale of the Property by the Development Authority Pursuant to the Transfer, and Authorizing Chairman Hall to Sign all Related Documents for the Transfer to the Development Authority
    h. Consider/Approve Beginning the Process of Preparing Documents to Call the Series 2014 B Bonds and Authorize the Chairman to sign the Term Letter

Full agenda can be found here.