TFS Bans International Travel Due To Coronavirus

Tallulah Falls - Tallulah Falls School is on their Winter Break until March 1 but some students will not be going home for the break.

According to the school’s President Larry Peevy, TFS has over 100 international students from 20 different countries.

Peevy says the school has placed a temporary ban on international travel with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

“We are not allowing our students from China or any other place to travel to China during the winter break,” Peevy says. 

“We have been monitoring all of our students that have went home for the Christmas Holidays, they all of course passed the incubation period issued by the World Health Organization,” Peevy says.
“We’ve taken some pretty serious precautions,” Peevy continues. “Not only screening our students but we are not allowing any recent visitors to China to enter our campus as visitors.”

Peevy continues, saying “What we’ll continue to do is follow the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the CDC and we really have no idea when they are going to lift the restrictions.” 

“I also have corresponded with all of our parents relating to what our policy will be during this crisis that they’re having in China, and parents from China are very happy that we are taking a proactive stance to protect their children,” Peevy says. 

Peevy ends by saying “I feel we’re doing all the right things the World Health Organization and CDC recommended and everything we do, obviously, is to protect the health and safety of our students, our staff, and our extended families even in other countries.”