Surgical Face Masks Being Stolen From Habersham Medical Center

Habersham Co. - In the midst of a global pandemic, people are stealing the scarce resources right from the doorsteps of Habersham Medical Center.

V.P. of External Affairs, Kesha Clinkscale spoke with WCHM regarding “several occurrences,” where individuals walked up to the doors of Habersham Medical Center and grabbed a multitude of surgical face masks that were left outside for those entering the hospital and walked away.

Clinkscale claims the incidents happened yesterday, Wednesday, March 25. She notes that one occurred as early as 4:30 a.m. 

“Individuals walked up to a stand that we have positioned right before you enter our emergency department. The stand had masks on it as well as hand sanitizer with a sign that says, ‘please put a facemask on and sanitize your hands before entering the emergency department,” Clinkscale said. “Several individuals went up to the stand and removed masks out and walked out of the hospital.” 
Clinkscale goes on to plead for the hospital, saying “Habersham Medical Center is prepared for one of the most dangerous pandemics in our lifetime. As a rural hospital, our resources are already scarce. We need our community to support us as we prepare, not take what little we have.” 

Clinkscale did mention the hospital pulled their security footage, saying “we have the video footage.” She did not state whether the hospital plans on involving authorities.

Habersham Medical Center will be taking preventative measures to protect their scarce resources Clinkscale said. “We have asked our staff to now only put one mask in the holder and replace it as patients come in. So, we have to be on guard with our staff to monitor our supplies in this way.”

“Even though we had this occur, the community has rallied around this hospital in ways that it has just been encouraging to our staff, to our patients, to the families who are here, and we are so grateful for that support because we need it,” Clinkscale said. ”This is something that many of us have never seen in our lifetime and we are here to help save as many lives as we can. We just need people to be respectful of the resources that we have because they’re so scarce as it is.”