Storm Wreaks Havoc On White County

White Co. - Many residents across Northeast Georgia were without power after yesterday’s heavy thunderstorms which brought havoc-wreaking winds.

It was around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug 13, when White County Public Safety Director David Murphy stated that authorities were called out to White County after a homeowners house fell victim to the storm. 

The residents of the home, located on Independent Drive, called 911 after a tree hit the side of their home, Anna Newberry with the White County Public Safety Office told WCHM. 

The house was severely damaged, shown in the photo provided by the White County Public Safety Office. Additionally, the Red Cross was called to assist the homeowners.

“They had the consciousness to go and shut off the power, which would’ve caused more problems,” Newberry states. When asked how the homeowners managed to escape unharmed, Newberry states, “luck, good intervention, the Lord was looking over people.” 

In addition to this, a house located on Phillips Drive was struck by lighting during the storm. White County firefighters, the Cleveland Fire Department, and the Lee Arrendale Correctional Institute Fire Brigade responded to the lighting call only to find flames coming from the roof of the home.

In a statement provided, all the occupants managed to get out of the home. The Red Cross was called to assist the residents which consisted of three adults and one pet, according to the statement.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was requested by White County Public Safety personnel to assist with responder rehab. The only reported damage was to a vehicle in the garage which had heat and smoke damage. No injuries were reported but Firefighters were on the scene for six hours aiding the event and homeowners.