Stephens County Has 1st Confirmed Case

Stephens County has first confirmed COVID-19 case according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. Georgia has 1026 confirmed cases and 32 deaths.

So far, 5,484 people throughout the state have now been tested for the virus. The majority of those with the virus are between the ages of 18 and 59. 

As of Tuesday, March 24, Habersham County has no confirmed cases reported. 

The numbers are updated daily at 12 Noon and 7 p.m. at the DPH website.

According to Dave Palmer, District 2 Public Information Officer, with the DPH, confirmed cases are by county of residence the patient lives in at the time, not county they are tested in. 

When asked about the unknown cases listed, Palmer responds with “Sometimes a person will go to be tested in the nearest hospital or medical facility and that may be in another county from where they live and because Georgia has 18 health districts, it could also be in another health district.”

“If a person is in one district and they’re tested in another district, sometimes that information is just not readily available, so it takes a little time to correct that information in the system,” Palmer says.

Palmer does make mention that those without an address, homeless populations, can also be a part of those unknown statistics. With a limited number of tests, Palmer notes that it could be possible for Georgia to have more cases that have not yet been confirmed, making the number of infected people higher.