Speeders Beware, Baldwin School Zone Cameras Up and Running

Baldwin - Speeders going through the City of Baldwin will soon have to pay a fine if they are caught on the newly installed cameras.

The Baldwin Police Department announced today, March 11, the start of their school zone safety and automated traffic enforcement program for the Baldwin Elementary School zone located on Willingham Ave.

The goal is of the program is “to reduce excessive speeding in the school zone,” according to Baldwin Police Chief Charlie Webb.

Webb goes on to note that speed studies were conducted during school hours for a five-day period. 

“These studies revealed that 19,695 vehicles traveled through the school zones and 2,375 were speeding at 11 mph and above,” Webb says. “If we used this data to estimate yearly violations, it could have exceeded 85,000 speeding vehicles. In 2018, 1,514 people died on Georgia’s roads. These deaths could have been prevented by practicing safe driving behaviors, including driving within the posted speed limit.”

The enforcement began on March 12 with a 30-day warning period before tickets are issued. 

“Vehicles traveling 11 mph and above will receive warning citations in the mail,” the release reads. These warnings will carry no fine, just a warning to travel slower in the school zones. After the 30-day warning period, owners of speeding vehicles caught traveling 11 mph and above the speed limit will receive speeding citations in the mail. 

State law sets the fine at $75 plus a $25 processing fee. Second and subsequent offenses will be $125 plus a $25 processing fee. If the fine goes unpaid, state law indicates that vehicle owners will be unable to renew their vehicle registration or transfer the title of their vehicle until the fine is satisfied.

The citations are considered civil violations, much like toll way, or handicap parking violations, and will not affect the driver’s license, or insurance. Owners that wish to contest the citations will have the right to do so in the court of jurisdiction before a Judge.

“It is our hope at the City of Baldwin that the implementation of this system will result in 100% compliance of the school zone speed limit and protect our school kids from the danger presented by drivers exceeding the speed limit in the school zone,” Webb says.