Sheriff Joey Terrell Warns Community Of Thursday Overnight Crimes

Clarkesville - Sheriff Joey Terrell took to Facebook Thursday morning to warn Habersham residents of overnight thefts. Below is his message: “Good Morning, Several entering autos and stolen vehicle reports were taken this morning from crimes occurring overnight. None of the vehicles entered were locked. This is a good reminder that we are not immune to the big city crime counties to the south see on a regular basis. It is also a good reminder to lock your vehicles and to not keep valuables in them, especially firearms. These particular crimes are increasing throughout North Georgia as criminal elements work their way out of the suburbs and into communities like ours. They are looking for easy targets and unlocked vehicles are as easy as it gets. Some of these criminals are armed , as seen in thefts that happened in Forsyth, Cherokee, and Pickens Counties recently. While one or two people check vehicles, several other armed subjects wait by doors for an unsuspecting homeowner to come outside. Please keep your vehicle and residence doors locked and stay vigilant. If you see anything suspicious, call 911 and report it.” Terrell told WCHM that the thefts occurred around Rennie Hames Rd in Clarkesville. He went on to say that “at least three people” who were checking the cars before breaking into them. “Most of all the cars we could tell were unlocked,” Terrell notes. Terrell said that “one vehicle was recovered in the Stone Mountain area.” One house that had video surveillance which provided video of the incident. Terrell said that what they steal most is cash and other valuables such as tablets and firearms. He goes on to say that there were other similar crimes in Pickens, Cherokee, and DeKalb counties, where “a gang of men, young boys” are breaking into cars and taking valuables. According to Terrell, one of the boys that was caught for a similar crime was 12-years of age. Sheriff Terrell wants residents to know that “Even though we live in a really nice area, folks from other areas come here and do a break in.” He reminds people to lock their car doors, even if they are parked at home.