School Officials Remain Optimistic for Access Back Into Habersham Classrooms

It was less than a week ago that the Habersham schools sent the students back home for a couple of weeks. Habersham school superintendent Matthew Cooper is telling the community that he is still optimistic that the kids will be back in school January 25th. The issue had been a lack of bus drivers and other staff last week - unable to work because of Covid. More than 40 in fact. The head of school nursing told the board of education Monday night that a lot of them are set to leave their quarantines soon.

And what’s this about beer and alcohol in county schools? Well it turns out the excise tax that comes from alcohol helps fund the school system. And the county commission wants to make sure the taxes are being calculated fairly. So the county is changing its fee schedule to make sure beer salesmen - especially those outside the county - are settling up on their tab, so to speak.

A few items coming out of Baldwin’s city meeting Monday. The council voted unanimously to fund the building of a pre-treatment plant at the current water treatment plant. Mayor Joe Elam tells WCHM news. This will help eliminate dirt and sediment that occasionally gets into the city water supply. The plant will cost approximately $3.6 million and will be funded through a bond refinancing. The council also voted to present a proposal to Habersham and Banks counties that will help share the burden with the counties, so to speak, of handling structural fires inside and near the city limits. Mayor Elam also promises a new and improved website is coming soon to the city.