Scam Targets Habersham EMC Members

Habersham EMC has been notified by some of its members of a scam telephone call stating they have won, or could be eligible to win, a Life Protect system.

"It's called spoofing," says Nicole Dover, Director of Strategy and Communications for HEMC. "They try to either use the phone number so that it appears it is that company calling you or a logo or whatnot. But that's been going on for several years.

Although HEMC may have seen similar scams in the past, Dover says they have never experienced one with the Life Protect system. Dover says it's important for customers to know that HEMC sold PowerGuard, its security division, approximately two years ago.

"Now we refer anyone who is interested in a security system to EMC Security," Dover adds.

HEMC is advising customers to hang up the phone at once if contacted by what they believe may be a scam. In a press release, the company says to report the call to local law enforcement and never give out any personal information.

"And contact the company," Dover says, "to verify and see if it is a legitimate approach."

If HEMC members have questions regarding their accounts, customer service representatives can be reached at 706-754-2114 or 800-640-6812.