Running Traffic Light Leads To Drug Related Arrest

Baldwin - Baldwin Police Officer Ryan Thomas pulled over Johnny Ray Jordan of Mt. Airy after he allegedly ran a stoplight.

During a traffic stop Monday, Feb. 17 , Thomas notes in the report that he was “sitting sationary at Willingham Ave and US441.”

Thomas notes that “A silver ford SUV was approaching the redlight when it changed from yellow to red, the vehicle proceeded through the red light disobeying the traffic control device.”

After stopping the vehicle, Thomas made note that the driver, Jordan, was not wearing a seatbelt. 

Thomas then goes on to say “As I was approaching the vehicle I could smell a very overwhelming odor of unburned marijuana. As I got up to the drivers door I confirmed that the odor was coming from the inside of the vehicle.”

Jordan told Thomas that he did not have a valid license and Thomas proceeded with a pat-down. 

“I felt a large bulge in his left front pocket with what a believed to be a large amount of cash, in the same pocked I felt a plastic bag, with an unknown crystal/rock like substance,” Thomas says. “I asked Mr. Jordan what it was, and without me asking him to do so he emptied his pockets but attempted to conceal the bag in his hand, while his money fell on the ground.”

Thomas goes on to say “When Mr. Jordan bent down to pick up his money he dropped the bag he was holding in his left hand. I could see inside of the bag a white crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine.”

Thomas notes in the report that he could tell from his training Jordan was under the influence and impaired. 

As Thomas arrested Jordan, Thomas notes “he advise me that I would also find a small bag of weed inside of the vehicle. I searched his person incident to arrest and placed him in the back of my patrol vehicle. I also located 2 seperate ids in the subjects wallet in the ID panel. One for himself, and one for a Daniel subject who he claimed was his brother.”

”During a probable cause search of the vehicle due to the overwhelming odor of marijuana I located a plastic bag with a green leafy substance, a glass smoking pipe with white residue, several butane torches, were found inside of the vehicle,” Thomas notes. “I also counted, and had Lt. Hamdan recount the loose cash. It totaled 2,185.00 dollars.”

Jordan was transported to Habersham Detention Center and charged with: possession less than 1 oz, DUI, possession of drug related objects, possession of multiple drivers licenses, failure to obey signs or control devices, driving while license suspended or revoked, seat belt violation, and possession of meth with intent.

Jordan was released on $9,380 bond.