Retention Bonuses Approved for all Habersham School System Employees


As expected, the Habersham County Board of Education on Monday approved $1,000 retention bonuses for all system employees, but the board also extended those bonuses to include the school resource officers assigned to the county’s schools.

Superintendent Matthew Cooper explained the rationale.

0:39 {COOPER: “I want it to be known publicly that the Habersham County School System supports law enforcement, and I believe the board of education feels as I do on that. We are very grateful, very grateful, for what law enforcement does for this school system to keep our students and our staff safe every day, so it’s a small token of appreciation for us to be able to do this for our resource officers. I know they will be very grateful to receive this, but I appreciate the board’s support in taking care of all our employees with this supplement.”}

Employees who work 49 percent of the school year will receive $490.

There’s no official update on the young man injured when he fell from the running board of a moving 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche along the side of Old Clarkesville Mill shortly before 7 p.m. Monday.

Four teen boys were inside the truck at the time of the incident, which occurred in the gravel driveway near the Habersham Events Center at Old Clarkesville Mill.

The Georgia State Patrol is continuing to investigate the case.

At last report, the teen remained in the intensive care unit at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.

Now-former Habersham County Commission Vice Chairman Tim Stamey said his decision to resign Monday was due to his own health concerns, but cautioned the remaining commissioners to work together for the good of the county.

0:46 {STAMEY: “My job is stressful and the commission is stressful. To be honest with you, my problem is that I take everything to heart. I think I can fix everything, and I will lay awake at night coming up with ways to fix stuff and then in case that don’t work – this is the Special Ops side -- I come up with an alternate plan and then a contingency and then emergency. It’s called pace, and I try to come up with too much and work on stuff – it’s just my heart can’t take it. I will be watching y’all. I will be working with our local media and looking at things and commenting, and trying to promote for us to all work together as a county.”}

Stamey, who suffered a minor heart attack in February, will undergo open-heart surgery and valve replacement next week.

And, the Georgia State Patrol continues to seek an unknown red car that was involved in a hit-and-run collision with a motorcycle on Highway 115 at Habersham Mills Road west of Clarkesville on Monday.

The car pulled onto Highway 115 and the motorcycle struck the rear of the car, which fled the scene, said Cpl. John Getty of Post 7 in Toccoa. The motorcyclist was not hurt.

At last report, the car had not been identified or located, Getty said.