Rep. Terry Rogers' Message About Not Seeking Re-Election: Addresses Running For Congress Rumors

Habersham Co. - Earlier this week, Representative Terry Rogers spoke with WCHM in an interview to discuss his decision to not seek re-election in the Georgia House of Representatives. 

Rogers writes in a release:

"For almost ten years, it has been my honor and privilege to represent the people of Habersham and White County in the Georgia House of Representatives. It has been an amazing experience and some great things have been accomplished.

During those years, Georgia has been named the number one state in the nation for business seven straight years, unemployment is the lowest ever in our states history, and we’ve helped create close to 850,000 new private sector jobs. 

Our education system has been fully funded through QBE, our prison and judicial system is the model for the nation, and we’ve seen tax cuts passed that impact every Georgian in a positive way. We’ve protected the life of the unborn, strengthened our Second Amendment rights, and helped to preserve Northeast Georgia’s conservative values. It truly is a great time to be a Georgian! 

But, the time has now come for me to step away and go in a different direction. After much prayer and many talks with family and friends, I have decided not to seek reelection this year. This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but in my heart I know it is the right one. 

There are many different ways to serve and as I finish out my term this year, I will be exploring those opportunities. One of those will be to continue in my role as Chairman of the Governors Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment Advisory Commission. It is a big responsibility and also time consuming, however I am looking forward to the challenge. 

There are many people to thank. First, to God for giving me this opportunity to serve. To my wife Laura and our family for your constant love, support, and patience. To my many friends for your encouragement and guidance. I specifically want to thank Governor‘s Nathan Deal and Brian Kemp as well as Speaker David Ralston for their guidance, mentoring, and most of all, friendship. They are amazing leaders who have set Georgia on the right path, and have given me the opportunity to work with them and to participate in their vision for our state. To my colleagues in the House, we truly are family. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something very special.

To the people of the 10th district, words can’t express my appreciation for allowing me to represent you. You truly are the best people in Georgia. As I finish out my term, I only offer one bit of guidance for those who are serving or seeking to serve. The first motto of the colony of Georgia was “Not for self, but for others”. James Oglethorpe set a guideline we would all be wise to follow.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. God bless the United States and our great state of Georgia."

Speaking about his decision:
After Rogers made his official announcement to not run, he spoke to WCHM on the topic.

When asked about the reasoning behind his decision, Rogers says "Well I think it's a decision everybody thinks about even right after they first get elected."

"Whereas people would say oh yeah I'm running for re-election, go ahead and announce or whatever, I always kind of took a little bit of a different approach," Rogers tells WCHM. "I felt like my main responsibility was to the people of my district to do the job."

Rogers describes his way of deciding whether or not to run for re-election, "So I just said you know what, until it comes down to about two weeks before time to qualify, I won't even think about it." He continues saying "At the end of two weeks, I'll sit down, I'll talk to Laura (Rogers' wife), I'll talk to the kids, we'll look at the thing and we'll just kind of go from there."

With that two weeks from the qualifying period already here, Rogers decided to make his decision.

"I started thinking about it and I thought it's time. It's time to go and do something different," Rogers tells WCHM. 

 When it came to the reasoning behind his choice, Rogers says "I think part of the big reason was that Governor Kemp has recently appointed me as the Chairman of the Governors Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment Advisory Commission, which I'm very very excited about, but at the same time that's turned into almost full-time job."

"Trying to juggle work and family, I said you know what, I have to make a decision," Rogers says. "So I got to thinking, what is the benefit of staying and what is the benefit of not staying; and the benefit of staying, I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish."

Rogers continues, saying "I've been blessed to serve five terms and I've got some good things done. I just feel like I didn't have the overwhelming desire to do it again; I said you know, that kind of tells me something right there."

"It's time to move on," Rogers says. "I will still be involved. I will finish out the rest of this term, I'm going to do my job until the very last minute."

With his decision being stated, Rogers went on to address rumors of his intentions for running for Congress.

"No, no, no, no, not at all," Rogers says laughingly. "I'm flattered that people have called me, Congressman Collins and I have talked about it but no, I have no desire to run for Congress."

"Unless there is a lightning bolt that hits me right between the eyes, which I'm not expecting, which says you will run for Congress, it's not in my gameplan at all," Rogers says jokingly.

Rogers goes on to talk about what he plans on doing once his term is officially up. "Honestly, it's kind of hard to believe that people will step away from something without a plan, but I just have a tremendous amount of faith. I felt like this was the right thing to do, felt like it was time for somebody else to come on and to do this."

"As far as a plan for the future, my plan for the future is to finish out my term. Work as hard as I possibly can for the people of this district and do the job I was elected to do. To take on the very very active role of Chairman of the Film Commission," Rogers says. 

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