PSC Commissioner Bubba McDonald Endorses Doug Collins for Senate

CLARKESVILLE (PRESS RELEASE) – Public Service Commissioner Bubba McDonald today endorsed Congressman Doug Collins to fill the Senate seat recently vacated by Senator Johnny Isakson.
“As the first statewide elected constitutional official to endorse President Trump in 2016, I am proud to have a Congressman who demonstrated a steadfast defense and support for our President,” McDonald said.  “In looking to the future, Shelley and I feel very strongly that Doug Collins will be the best Senator for the state of Georgia and for the nation.”
Bubba McDonald stepped into public service at a very young age. He was elected to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and within one year, he was elected to the Board of Managers for the Association of County Commissioners in Georgia. He then spent 20 years in service as a State Representative where he became Chairman of the Industry Committee and House Appropriations Committee. Bubba played an integral role in the legislation that led to the opening of our Georgia World Congress Center and served on the GWC Overview Committee for 14 years as well as serving on the committee that oversaw the building of the Georgia Dome.
In 1998, Bubba was appointed to the Public Service Commission by Governor Zell Miller. He held the seat until 2002 and then in 2008 and 2014, Georgians again elected McDonald to serve on the Commission. In 2018 he was unanimously voted as Chairman of the regulatory body until 2020.
“Bubba McDonald is a legend of public service in Georgia and no-one knows the state better than him,” Doug said.  “He has essentially written a history of the state with his life and I am extremely proud to make up a small chapter in it.”