Piedmont College files suit against The City of Demorest

WCHM 94.3 FM has obtained the following press release from the City of Demorest regarding a lawsuit filed by Piedmont College. Below is the full copy of the press release:





The City of Demorest and various individuals associated with the City have been sued by Piedmont College in the Superior Court of Habersham County.  All of the parties have been served with the lawsuit as of Monday, December 6, 2020.  Therefore, the City and the individuals associated with the City who have been deem it appropriate to comment on the pending matter.  The claims in the law suit center around the City’s water rate increase that took effect almost two years ago in February , 2019.  No representative of the College attended the well-publicized public meetings about raising the rates that occurred in December of 2018.  In fact, the College never complained about the City’s water rates prior to August 2020. In the lawsuit, Piedmont College further attempts to litigate issues of damage caused by the Piedmont College to public property, including, Massachusetts Boulevard and Demorest Springs Park, that were resolved by written agreement more than a year ago.  Additionally, the lawsuit includes disparate issues regarding the City’s concern about the certification of Piedmont College law enforcement officers and Mayor Austin’s position as a tenured professor at the College. The City will investigate the claims about a calculation error in the water bills and make any adjustments deemed necessary.  The City and the individuals who have been sued intend to vigorously defend against the claims in the lawsuit and to present defenses to the Court and will seek a ruling from the Court at the earliest opportunity.  The City and those individuals sued anticipate a speedy dismissal of the entire lawsuit. 


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