Petitions Circulate Clarkesville for Support of Local Proposals.

While one petition is circulating Clarkesville on the subject of liquor stores in the city, another petition seeks access to a forgotten forest refuge near Mt Airy that was shuttered many years ago. A local Clarkesville man, Jeremy Mincey, recently stumbled across the deserted campground by the name of Fern Springs. Longtime Habersham residents may know stories of weddings and family outings held there generations ago. Fern Springs, which is part of the federal forestry service, is now closed but that hasn’t stopped Mincey and others from daily clean-ups - or the ambitious idea of it one day reopening. Mincey says he has 300 signatures on his petition to do just that. Meanwhile skeptics on a related Facebook group page weigh in that the 24 year old Mincey is in way over his head. County Commissioner Dustin Mealor is aware of the park and its rich history dating back to a 1930s New Deal project. What Mealor wants is for the county to acquire the land.

WCHM will continue to follow this fascinating story. The city of Clarkesville continues to work toward the renewal of the Mountain Laurel festival and parade May 15. Currently, the city is seeking vendors to help finance it. Julie Poole with the city hopes to sign up nearly 100 this year.

And the city of Cornelia is asking for patience as it acknowledges that certain city and neighbrohood projects have fallen behind because of Covid. The press release reads If we are working on a project in your neighborhood rest assured, we have not forgotten about you, we just do not have the resources at this time.