Overnight Storms Wreak Havoc on County and State

Habersham Co. - Overnight storms wreak havoc on not only the county but also the state; leaving down power lines, broken trees, and many without power overnight and well into Monday.

Well into Monday afternoon, April 13, crews were working on cleaning up the debris left from the powerful overnight storms. The storms left many in the county and throughout the state without power and at least six dead in Georgia alone, causing Gov. Brian Kemp to issue a statewide state of emergency due to the damage.

Habersham County was no exception when it came to the path of the storm. According to Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell, the entire county received some sort of damage, even if it was simply broken trees across roadways. 

The part of the county that received the most damage was the southern end.

“Looks like it first hit in the southwestern portion (of the county),” said Habersham County Emergency Services Director Chad Black. “Kind of made a northwest trajectory up across 365, right at where Haye’s dealership is.”

Hayes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Baldwin along with the BP gas station along GA 365 received extensive damage to their buildings. 

“According to Baldwin officials, probably the most extensive damage is in that area,” Black continues. 

Although it has not been confirmed, Black and Terrell believe a tornado touched down at some point. “From what we’re seeing, it looks like it was a tornado,” Black said. 

Black went on to say they were waiting for members of the National Weather Service to confirm this.

Multiple reports came through regarding residents being trapped inside their homes due to debris or trees blocking exits. Among the areas where entrapment occurred was Harrison Trail and Yonah Post Road. One of the individuals that emergency personnel had to free was a disabled veteran Black said. 

No injuries were reported.

Black went on to warn citizens of power lines that may still be down across the county. He went on to warn:
- If you do see one across a road, do not drive on it. 
- Do not walk up to a wire, down or low hanging, due to the risk that it may still be live.

Photo provided by HCES