Organized Push to Seek Vote over Package Store Approval in Clarkesville

If you see petitioners going door to door next week in Clarkesville, it will likely be an organized push to get package stores permissioned in the county seat.

Danielle McCurdy Hale is helping an Atlanta investor lead an effort to get a bill on the November ballot -- allowing liquor stores in Clarkesville.  To do that, she’s got to about 400 registered voters in Clarkesville to sign a petition. And that might be good enough to get the city council to approve a voter referendum. City Manager Keith Dickerson tells WCHM he thinks there might be enough support on the council to do what no other town in Habersham - other than Mt Airy - has done.

Meanwhile, Justin Whitmire is watching with great interest. He’s the owner of Helen Cellar in Helen which is the closest package store to a lot of the county. He thinks it’s a no-brainer and has plans to try to get in on it too.

Hale says the petitioners have already canvassed the county twice. Meeting people in the Ingles parking lot, she says, was unproductive so now her group of 5 or 6 will be going door to door.

District congressman followed the lead of most congressional republicans yesterday in voting against the measure to strip Marjorie Taylor Green of her committee asssignments. A measure which did pass the Democratic controlled house membership.

Clyde writes, “It is about Democrats seizing upon an opportunity to further suppress the rights of the minority party to silence a bold member of the opposition and to thereby further their socialist agenda.”

And it’s been a proud symbol of the city for nearly 100 years and Cornelia mayor John Borrow says it’s time for an update.

The city has three years to get ‘er done.