No New Clarkesville Articles Passed in March; One for Possible Golf Cart Travel May be Forthcoming

No motions were passed at the Clarkesville monthly meeting Monday but the council did learn that golf cart transportation within the city could be coming as early as June. 

City Manager Keith Dickerson made the presentation to the council. He knows a lot about the subject matter having worked previously in McDonough which is a golf cart friendly city. Dickerson says he can envision, for example, carts legally traveling the back roads from City Hall to the square this summer. The ultimate goal, he adds, is to get a trail built leading to the Ingles. Don’t expect a wild scene straight out of Caddyshack though. He can envision only a dozen or so total users right off the bat. But evidently, he and the city think the idea is a nice touch.

District Congressman Andrew Clyde is upset at the 2 trillion dollar bill that just passed the house - known as the American Rescue plan. Clyde writes that he offered one amendment and co-sponsored six others that failed to be included in the bill. As the legislation awaits a Senate vote, Clyde says though the bill is marketed as a pandemic relief package, in reality it is nothing more than a vehicle for Democrats to fund and push their radical agenda and pet projects.”

And has your wallet been feeling the punch at the local gas stations lately? A gall on of gas went up another six cents last week after several weeks of uptick. Experts say blame it on the rising price of crude oil. That makes Texans happy but not Northeast Georgians who are now paying $2.53 in Habersham and $2.65 in White County.