Location of Tonight's Demorest Meeting Going Back and Forth

Demorest - The location for tonight's Demorest City Council meeting seems to be going back and forth as time moves closer to the 6 p.m. scheduled meeting time.

"I’ve heard rumors that some are saying the meeting will be held outside," Simmonds tells WCHM. "That is not true. We have advertised mechanisms by which the meeting can be accessed and we will observe the Governor’s 10 person rule."

The Demorest City Council Work Session and Special Called Meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the Demorest Municipal Building. The city will observe Governor Kemp’s 10 person rule for meetings; however, the meeting will be streamed live via the City of Demorest Facebook page.

The public can participate in three ways:
(1) Post questions or comments on the City of Demorest Facebook page.
(2) Email questions or comments to office@cityofdemorest.org
(3) Call 706-839-6116 to submit questions or comments (this phone number will not be active until 5:00 p.m. today) 

This will be the first meeting since the termination of Police Chief Robin Krockum. One item on the agenda tonight is to hold a vote for the interim police chief, Greg Ellingson. 

The council is also set to discuss the following:
A.    Discussion of Budget Reduction
B. Discussion & Clarification of Articles II & III of Demorest City Charter
C. City Attorney Conflict of Interest

Photo provided by cityofdemorest.org