“Last Week We Were Hit With Some Ransomware For The Third Time This Year,” Said Cornelia City Manager Donald Anderson

Cornelia - “Last week we were hit with some ransomware for the third time this year,” City Manager Donald Anderson noted during the Cornelia Commission Meeting last night, Oct. 1.

No city data was compromised according to Anderson. He went on to claim that the ransomware attacks happened to other cities in GA. 

“The first two times this happened it did shut all computer operations down for several days,” Anderson claims. The third time it shut the utility building off for about a day which delayed the process of their water bills being sent out.

“Part of the problem is our existing firewall is over 10 years old, it’s no longer being supported or updated by the company,” said Anderson.

This led the board to approve the purchase of an update firewall system for the city. The system will be provided by Omega Technology Group in Cornelia.

The Meraki MX250 Cloud Managed Firewall was advised by IT director Jeremy Dundore. 

The cost of the software and support over the next 5 years comes to $22,950. 

Anderson explained to the board on how this software would be paid for, noting “This is not a budgeted item. So it would have to come out of our need fund which has a balance of $5,349,256.”

The approval of the purchase was done in an attempt to eliminate the city from having another ransomware attack and possible compromisation of data.