Johnston & Stamey Responses To Election Results

Habersham Co. - Tim Stamey won the race for the vacant District 5 County Commissioner seat according to the runoff election results.

Runner up, Darrin Johnston took to social media to congratulate Stamey on his win. He writes, "Today was a great day. Our country showed why it is the greatest country in the world. Our system has spoken."

Johnston continues, saying "I want to be one of the first to say congratulations to Tim Stamey on becoming the next commissioner for Habersham County. You have my full support, and I will do all in my power to support you and you're success. Thank you to all who supported me in this race and I thank god for the many blessings in my life. Tomorrow is the first day in what is next in his grand plan."

Johnston goes on to address those who did vote in his favor, "For all who supported me, thank you. Your support was humbling and overwhelming. I will continue to do all I can to support this community and county. I pray gods continued blessings on Habersham County."

He ends the post by stating, "Congratulations Tim and I wish you all the best and much success."

Stamey spoke with WCHM after the results came out. He started by saying he appreciated Johnston for running a clean race, stating that "he's a good guy. He was running for all the right reasons."

Stamey goes on to address his supporters, saying "they have been so awesome. They have worked so hard doing the ground game and supporting me on this." He then goes on to state that winning is humbling for him and that "I'm going to work my butt off for them." 

Stamey then took to social media to thank everyone for their support, writing "Love all y’all and appreciate the support more than words can say. God’s will be done." 

Before election day, former candidate Barry Trotter took to social media to show his support for Stamey. Trotter writes, "Tomorrow is the Runoff Election Day! Your vote counts and matters!!! I want to encourage you to exercise your freedom and right to vote by participating in this special election. Even if you did not get out and vote in November, you still have the chance to make your choice in the election for County Commissioner by choosing to vote tomorrow. As you consider the future of Habersham County, I encourage you to consider showing your support for Tim Stamey for County Commissioner. Not only is he a fellow veteran, he is a well qualified leader that will look out for the needs of Habersham AND its people. Tim Stamey is a leader we can believe in, but he needs your vote to have the chance to lead the way. So, remember that this race is not over and it’s your freedom that deserves to be protected by choosing to take part in your right to vote!"