Hurricane Zeta Update: Crews working to ensure safe roads and timely rescues

Hurricane Zeta has impacted Habersham County with high winds and heavy rain fall. These impacts are even more destructive due to the recent effects of Hurricane Delta. County officials are working quickly to reopen roads.

Various County departments are closely working together throughout this process. There are power outages county wide as well as a significant number of down trees.

Currently, Habersham County has received reports of almost 498 down trees. Of those reported, 249 trees were on roadways. The other 249 trees were reported to be embedded within power lines.

Due to coordination with local power companies, crews have been able to remove a significant number of trees in a timely manner. As a result, there are approximately 50 trees remaining which are embedded with power lines. There are also currently approximately 30 roads that remain closed.

The area most negatively impacted by the storm is located north of Clarkesville and to the south end of Habersham County. Notably, Shoal Creek Road has experienced some damage sustained from washing and will be graded tomorrow.

Crews have successfully conducted two home rescues. These people were trapped due to trees falling on their homes.

´╗┐Additionally, Community Paramedicine has been delivering oxygen to those in need due to the power outages. This is done through coordination with Emergency Services Director Chad Black and Habersham Medical Center.