Habersham Vaccination Center is Up and Running at the Fairgrounds

1068 down and half the state to go... but all in all the first day at the Clarkesville mass vaccination site was just what the doctor ordered.

Chris from Franklin county: it was great, easy…

That’s Chris who drove over from Franklin county to get her shot. She said the whole experience took less than 30 minutes including a voluntary cooldown in the parking lot after the shot. Eight different vaccination bays were active in the Fairgrounds pavillion and there was no evidence of traffic back up when WCHM news arrived after 1pm.

That’s Don Strength with GEMA who also speculated that many if not most of the cars were coming from metro Atlanta, not Northeast Georgia.

Just glancing

The Habersham site is working out the kinks. Something that will need to be done if the daily traffic is going to double from 1000 to more than 2000 in a couple of weeks.

The city of Baldwin voted last night to have itself included in the county’s special victim units patrol task force. That task force headed by the sheriffs office has been in existence for several years but Baldwin did not participate in this current year. Mayor Joe Elam says the unit provides technical resources to cities and other departments that are beyond a city’s scope - for instance how to get mobile phone data when needed. Elam also says this vote was unrelated to the trouble that has faced the city’s police force recently. A paid consultant officially started his work today to help improve the city’s force and will provide Baldwin with a report within 90 days.