Habersham Investigators Still Seek Evidence From Recent Shooting

A dozen divers, criminal investigators and even a drone pilot spent much of the afternoon trying to fish out a gun allegedly used in a local shooting a week ago Monday….but came up with nothing. At least through today.

Major Murry Kogod of the Habersham Sheriff's office is referring to a January 18th shooting between two young locals that police say was a transaction that went bad. A gunshot victim is a Habersham man and the confrontation took place at the Habersham/White county line on Highway 115. There, they think the handgun was thrown in the water.

It didn’t take State Representative Victor Anderson long to introduce his first legislative bill. Wednesday, in his sixth legislative day, the freshman lawmaker serving Habersham and White counties filed a bill relating to cyberterrorism and the way that it is discussed in closed governmental meetings.  Currently. Executive session can only be commenced when discussing real estate, personnel or litigation. Anderson’s proposal would now include items related to identity theft and ransomware.

He refers to an example in Hall county recently where the bad guys knew when to strike because they read about the county’s plans before the plans went into place.

Anderson sits on a house governmental committee and his bill was supported by several members in the house body.