Habersham County School System To Start Providing Meals To Students

Habersham Co. - Habersham County School System recently announced that they will begin providing meals to students starting tomorrow.

"The great news is that we received a waiver from USDA over the weekend to provide meals during the coronavirus outbreak," says Superintendent Matthew Cooper. "We finalized our plan just a few minutes ago."

Below is the release: 
Over the weekend, the Habersham County School System received a USDA waiver to provide meal service during the coronavirus outbreak.  This morning, our school system food security team met to develop a comprehensive plan to provide food for children in Habersham County.  The school system now has a plan in place to provide limited meals to community children age 18 and under. This initiative will begin in conjunction with our "learning from home" plan on Tuesday, March 17th. 

Starting Tuesday, meals may be picked up daily between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at all eight elementary schools in Habersham County.  Lunch will be distributed, along with a breakfast for the following day.  Meals cannot be provided during the school system's spring break, which is April 6th-10th.  The school system will make every effort to continue this food plan as long as schools are closed this year.  As the coronavirus situation develops in our state and community, adjustments or discontinuation may become necessary. 

In addition to these meals, the school system will coordinate with local churches, food banks, and other local agencies to supplement what the school system is doing.  In the event the school system cannot provide meals to community children due to the progression of the outbreak, it will be important to have other community supports in place.  Information about our community food plan will be posted on our school system website at www.habershamschools.com. 

Community members can also go to https://foodfinder.us to find other food resources that are available.