Habersham County Public Works Director To Resign Next Month


Habersham County is losing its public works director, Derick Canupp, who gave his notice yesterday.

Interim County Manager Alicia Vaughn explains.

0:28 {VAUGHN: “He has turned in his resignation and he has given us 30 days’ notice, and so his last day will be November 11. I don’t necessarily know if he’s sharing exactly what he’s doing so I don’t really want to comment on that. I can say I know I haven’t worked with him for a long time, but he’s a tremendous asset to the county and he will missed greatly. I mean he is very professional, very knowledgeable, and he has brought a level of expertise to the county in that department that will be very hard to replace.”}

As public works director, Canupp oversees the airport, landfill and recycling, and road department.

Vaughn says she now will evaluate Canupp’s current job description and determine whether to advertise the position as is or consider possible restructuring.

The Habersham County Republican Party hosted the party’s three county commission candidates last night.

Jason Eric Hogan, George Locke Arnold, and Ty Akins each shared personal information and views on county issues before fielding questions from the crowd.

Arnold got passionate in his response to a member of the audience about how commission candidates believe they can save large amounts of money.

Here’s a little bit of that exchange.

0:29 {ARNOLD exchange with member of the audience}

The District 5 seat was vacated by Tim Stamey after he experienced health issues. The other qualifier is Democrat Mike Adams.

Voters countywide will vote on their choice to fill the seat during the November 2 General/Special Election.

Early voting opened yesterday and as of 2:30 yesterday afternoon, only 30 people had cast ballots in Habersham County.

Pickleball is the buzzword in sports in recent months, and the Baldwin City Council now is considering construction of courts in one of its oldest parks.

Peggy Fortson of the local pickleball group, a resident of Baldwin, this week asked the mayor and council to consider the construction of courts at Wilbanks Park, a facility off Airport Road she and city leaders say is underused.

0:25 {ELAM: “You know, pickleball is up and coming activity. The county knows a lot about it and, as you saw tonight, that group is wonderfully organized and they come with a great ask. We have an underused facility that hasn’t seen any real use for a long, long time and it’s certainly something we want to look into. I’m thankful that she’s a resident of Baldwin, and she’s willing to serve on a committee so we can actually do the study to see if that’s practical.”}

Elam says an engineering study will have to be completed to determine what is under the ground at the park, but that will be part of the study.

Fortson said on Sunday there were 27 people playing pickleball at the outdoor courts behind the Ruby Fulbright Aquatic Center in Clarkesville, with 15 people were waiting while a dozen played.

Fortson says that’s a reason to consider adding lights to any outdoor courts built, whether in Baldwin or elsewhere.

Fortson says she would like to see at least four courts in Baldwin, possibly six, adding it would provide recreation for people in the southern part of the county.

Fortson and others have approached Habersham County about a dedicated pickleball facility, and last week talked to the Clarkesville City Council about adding courts as part of the redevelopment of Mary Street Park.