Habersham County Emergency Personnel Injured During Saturday Call

Habersham Co. - A Habersham County Emergency Personnel was injured during a Saturday evening response call.

“On Saturday evening at 17:00 (5 p.m.), Cornelia Fire and Habersham County Emergency Services M-12 was requested to respond to a Public Assist off Woodland Cir.,” according to Emergency Services Director Chad Black.

While personnel was on the scene assisting an elderly man from a vehicle, the woman with him “for unknown reasons” put the vehicle in gear which caused the vehicle to move forward and strike personnel from Habersham County Emergency Services.

However, a quick response by another emergency personnel prevented further injury.

“To my understanding a Cornelia fireman was on scene and was able to yell to the driver and get her attention to stop the vehicle, while also helping our personnel from being injured worse,” Black notes. 

“FF/Paramedic Jennifer Bennett’s foot/ankle was briefly pinned between the vehicle and a concrete tire stop that was just above the steps,” Black says. 

Bennett was transported to Habersham County Medical Center for evaluation and x-rays and she was released to go home later that day with only the injury to her foot/ankle.  

“We were very fortunate, and thankful this was not something worse,” Black says. “When we received the first call one of our own had been struck by a vehicle, your heart stops, but again, thank the Good Lord above this was not a much worse scenario for her, her family and our department.”

Photos provided by Chad Black