Governor Brian Kemp Visits Habersham's COVID-19 Vaccination Center

 Governor Brian Kemp talking exclusively to WCHM on the subject of the covid stimulus bill just passed. It was one of several topics on his mind as he traveled through Habersham yesterday on an inspection of the Clarkesville mega-vaccination site. Kemp spoke proudly of the higher rate of vaccination among Georgia seniors than those in many other states. He’s also anxious to start pumping up production at the sites from its current output of 1000 vaccinations a day.

Along those lines, the Georgia Department of Public health announced yesterday that the northeast georgia health departments have appointments available now for the COVID-19 vaccine. This is a reversal in the reality of the last 60 days  where a backlog of seniors have sat on waiting lists waiting for calls and emails to be answered. Eligible residents are encouraged to visit phdistrict “the number 2” dot org

An election security bill would appear almost certain to be sent to the Governor’s office for signature. The state senate passed the controversial senate bill 241 yesterday which would limit the ease of voting absentee among other measures. A similar bill passed the house last week. Now the senate and house will work to agree on a bill to send to Governor Kemp. As expected district senator Bo Hatchett voted in favor of the bill which passed 29-20.