Gov. Brian Kemp COVID-19 Update, May 7

GA - Gov. Brian Kemp is urging all Georgians to get tested for COVID-19 during his latest press briefing on Thursday, May 7.

During his briefing, Gov. Kemp highlighted the following:
- Georgia has a record number of testing (12th in the nation).
- Georgia has more than 60 testing sites up and running. Department of Public Health urging everyone, even without symptoms, to get tested.
- Noted that ventilator use is at an all-time low.
- A distillery is making hand sanitizer and businesses are donating PPE.
- CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart are testing 1,000 residents a day.
- Long-term facilities will be inspected to make sure they are complying with regulations and that approximately 20% of all cases in the state are from nursing homes.
- Addresses Hall County hot spot and said the Fire Commissioner and DPH have been meeting with Hall County leaders and discussing how to combat this. Stated they developed a  task force that will reach out to the Hispanic community (those being hit hardest in Hall County).

Full video here.