George Locke Arnold Running Against Tim Stamey For County Commission Seat

Habersham Co. - George Locke Arnold will be challenging newly elected Tim Stamey for the District 5 County Commissioner seat in the upcoming election.

Arnold recently announced his decision and tells WCHM “I’m running. There’s several issues I’m running (for). The county’s a business. It’s a business and that’s the way I look at it.” 

Even though he will be running against Stamey, Arnold describes his feelings towards the current commissioner. “Stamey’s a good man. I have talked to him on several occasions. Very interesting fellow, he’s just like me. He wants what’s good for the county.” 

When asked what he felt he would bring to the position that prior or current commissioners did not, Arnold says “They’re all there for a purpose. They all ran for a reason, the same reason why I am.”

One of Arnold’s biggest concerns is the county jail. 

“We’re going to have to find a way to build this jail,” Arnold says. “I’m looking at a 500-bed facility and we’re going to farm out 200 of these beds on a daily basis once this jail is complete. That’s what’s going to be our meal ticket. That’s what’s going to pay for this jail. There’s other issues. There’s many many other issues.” 

Arnold also notes that he believes county workers should have an active presence in their county offices.

“All county employees will be at their workstation at 0800 and no later, whether you’re elected or not, salaried or whatever. You’ll be in your office at 0800, you’ll take one hour for lunch and you’ll be allowed to go home at 5 (p.m.).” 

Arnold continues, saying “I think there’s a problem here that we really need to look at. We’ve just spent a lot of money on a courthouse and there’s some problems. I think everybody getting to work on time would be a big asset.”  

When it comes to what type of government he is hoping to achieve if elected commissioner, Arnold says “It’s called good, common-sense government. The tax dollars are not to create salaries and jobs. We only need enough people working within the county to do the services the county is designed to do.” 

“We need to kind of just mind our business. Go back to the basics. Let all these other cities and municipalities let them handle the growth,” Arnold tells WCHM. “Let them do their thing and I get the feeling that’s what they want. We need to get back to the basics and stop spending so much money because the pie’s only so big. We keep on slicing part of the pie thinner and thinner. Eventually we’re not going to have anything to eat.”

When asked what he believes needs to be done within the county, Arnold says “We need to get rid of the good ole boy politics. We need to get back to the basic business of running the county on an effective, efficient, day by day. We’ve got so many things going on. People have so many irons in the fire, nothing’s getting done and that’s a problem I’ve got.”   

Arnold ends by saying “We’ve got some good people within the system but whatever’s happened the last four years, it hadn’t worked. It hadn’t fixed the problem so sometimes change is good and that’s what I’m looking at.”