Gasaway Files Lawsuit, Banks County Sheriff Responds

ATLANTA - On Wednesday, Fox 5 Atlanta first broke the story of Dan Gasaway being back in court, asking a judge to once again throw out the results of an election he lost by two votes.  Gasaway told Fox 5 that, "we are just focused on the fact that there is illegal voting going on."

In the process, Gasaway made a claim that an elected official did not live in the county in which he voted, not only claiming that he voted illegally, but a claim that would cost him his seat as well.  Gasaway claimed that Banks County Sheriff Carlton Speed lives in a house that is in Franklin County, on a piece of property that is in both Banks and Franklin.

Yesterday, Sheriff Speed responded:

Yesterday, Mr. Dan Gasaway filed a frivolous lawsuit stating that my family and I live in another county and voted illegally in Banks County. The land and house that we reside in and own is located solely in Banks County. I have held the Office of Sheriff for almost two terms and have all intentions to seek a third term to serve the people of Banks County. 
My residential status is supported by official tax documents, Banks County GIS mapping department records, and all business conducted through my personal accounts. Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t put my residence in Banks County. Google Maps will be the first to state that it is an unofficial source of information. As most of us know, we don’t believe everything that we read on the Internet.
While I spoke of Mr. Gasaway’s soured grapes of losing his election during an interview with Fox 5, I will not be brought into his feud with the voters of Banks County. As in every election, I walked into the Banks County Elections Office this year and presented my driver’s license to the registrar. I watched as my license was checked against the voter eligibility roll for verification and even signed the prepared documentation. The registrar handed me an electronic ballot and I conducted my duty as a voting citizen. 
My family and I live, attend church, go to school, own a chicken farm and work in Banks County. We are Banks County School Leopards to the end! Speaking on behalf of my wife and children, we find it insulting and humiliating that Mr. Gasaway would attack our family and seek my job at the holidays for a political position. I look forward to continuing as YOUR Sheriff and appreciate all of the community support through this accusation.