Four Arrested During Cleveland Fight

Cleveland - Four people were recently charged, three remain behind bars, after a fight that injured Cleveland woman early Saturday.

The incident occurred just after 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 10th. White County deputies were called out to Skitts Mountain Road and Sloan Road south of Cleveland regarding a possible fight in progress.

The events are reported as followed:

Deputies arrived on the scene and saw several males and females on the side of the road, and one female sitting on the embankment covered in blood. 

They observed the woman, identified as Amy Ann York. York is reported to have several lacerations on her head and neck and blood coming from her head.

York told deputies from the back of the ambulance, that she had previous issues with two of the other detainees, Rebecca Lynn Tyler, Alyssa Brooke Phillips. York said that the two women and McKenzie Tatum came at her first. York believes she was sprayed with something first and had a bottle thrown at her. 

York continued to tell deputies she couldn’t see after that and just remembered swinging wildly. She goes on by telling deputies she did not swing first and that the others had swung at her first.

The report states that the incident involved a common male ex- of both Tyler and York, who was in the truck with York. Tyler told deputies she had just recently moved out of the male’s house and they had broken up. 

Tyler told authorities that York and the 36-year-old male came out of the truck running toward her and those with her, adding the male had a knife in his hand chasing Mr. Tatum, though she never saw the blade.

Tyler jumped on York and took her to the ground, the report states, due to York going after Tyler’s daughter Phillips. Tyler stated that in an attempt to get York off Phillips, she grabbed a beer bottle from the ditch and hit York in the head with it.

Tyler went on to tell authorities that York grabbed hold of her hair and didn’t let go and they went to the ground. She stated York repeatedly struck her in the head and would not let go and that Phillips was trying to help get York off her.

Authorities managed to get a cell phone video of the incident taken by Tatum. In the video, York could be seen running down the road toward Tyler. The deputy heard the audible sound of glass breaking and pieces appear to fly back in view of the video, as York, Tyler, and Phillips are off the frame. The video then shows the unnamed male who was inside the truck with York, come into the video frame and yell at Tyler and Phillips to let go of York. The deputy reported seeing Tyler and Phillips on top of York in the video. 

The following are those identified during the incident:

Tyler, 39, of Demorest, is charged with aggravated assault plus fighting.

Phillips, 20, and Tatum, 18, both of Demorest are being charged with fighting. 

No bond has been set for Tyler, Phillips, or Tatum, as of yet.

York, 32, of Cleveland was transported to the hospital for medical treatment, the incident report states. She was charged with fighting and posted a $1,000 bond.