Fiery Wreck on U.S. 441/Northbound, North of Hollywood Thursday.


The driver of a Habersham County Transit bus faces charges after a wreck north of Hollywood yesterday.

59-year-old Brent Allen Water of Cornelia failed to yield while crossing U.S. 441 / Georgia 15 attempting to enter John Wood Road, GSP says.

The bus was struck in the passenger side by a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by 16-year-old Paisley E. Davidson of Toccoa.

After impact, the Jeep traveled off the north shoulder of John Wood Road and struck a guardrail before catching fire.

Walter was taken by ambulance to Northeast Georgia Medical Center with unknown but non-life-threatening, GSP says. He will be charged by GSP with failure to yield.

Davidson was taken by ambulance to Habersham Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

The wreck happened about 7:15 yesterday morning.

White County Sheriff Rick Kelly warns people, especially those who are older, to be careful of telephone scams.

Yesterday, he discussed the recent “grandparents scam” perpetrated on a White County man when a hysterical female pretending to be his granddaughter called saying she needed money for a bail bondsman to get her out of jail.

0:39 {KELLY: “We’ve had several scams similar to this, but this one they actually sent a courier to the man’s house to pick up money. He had paid the $12,000 to the courier and then shortly after that had spoken to his granddaughter and realized that it wasn’t her that was on the phone. We’ve had several counties around that had real similar scams and Hall County had made an arrest of two individuals from New York. Our White County investigators, along with investigators from several different counties, have been working together and these men that Hall County had arrested, the description matched the couriers that had picked up the money from our victim here in White County.”}

Kelly says this recent incident has a happier ending than many similar cases in that it ended with two suspects jailed in Hall County. Once released from there, those men face two felony charges each in White County.

0:14 {KELLY 2: “It’s a unique case. We often have many of these reports and many times we’re not able to make an arrest, but we were able to charge somebody in this case and that’s good. It’s disturbing to see anyone taken advantage of, but especially the elderly.”}

Kelly says law enforcement will never contact someone by phone asking for bail for an individual, nor will they tell someone they are coming to their house to serve a warrant.

Multiple arrests have been made across North Georgia as a five-month narcotics investigation continues.

33-year-old Bradley Allan Jones of Alto is charged with trafficking methamphetamine, while 28-year-old Kala Rochelle Caddell of Alto was charged with possession of meth.

Also arrested were 36-year-old Jon Michael Jolley of Gaffney, South Carolina and 26-year-old Nicholas Matson of Chesnee, South Carolina. Jolley and Matson are charged with trafficking meth, drug agents say.

Approximately 3.5 pounds of methamphetamine supplied by this organization was seized by officers in Habersham, Banks, and Jackson counties.

During the investigation, investigators determined Jolley, Jones, and Matson were responsible for regularly distributing kilograms of methamphetamine to a large area spanning across North Georgia and South Carolina.

This month’s multiple arrests have resulted from an investigation conducted by Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, Banks County Sheriff’s Office, Commerce Police Department, Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office, Riverdale Police Department, Georgia Department of Corrections, Georgia State Patrol, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office.

The investigation is still active and ongoing.

Drivers who routinely use Chase Road as a cut-through from Business 441 to Camp Creek Road, remember that a rescheduled detour is in place beginning Monday.

The detour will allow crews to replace two cross drain pipes in the creek on Chase Road between McAllister Road and Locke Road.

0:28 {GIBSON: “This closure is something that has been needed, especially with the severe weather that we’ve seen in just the past two years alone. It has really progressed the condition of these pipes and the need for the replacement with the levels of not only rain but water that we have seen on the ground and running throughout these pipes. This is something that’s needed to happen for a while, but the bouts of inclement weather that we’ve seen, especially in the past year, have really just deteriorated the condition.”}

That’s Habersham County Public Information Officer Carolyn Gibson, who says the detour will be in effect all next week, weather permitting.

Drivers will turn around at Locke Road on the Walmart end and at Sellers Loop on Camp Creek Road end.

U.S. Representative Andrew Clyde, who represents Georgia’s Ninth District in Congress, says the success of America depends on people getting back to work rather than sitting at home.

{CLYDE: “You know, their lives could be so much better if they would go back to work and begin to earn a living instead of being a draw on the government. But that’s what the current Democrat-controlled government wants. They want people to be dependent on the government and therefore it’s in effect buying votes – their ability to stay in power.”}

Clyde says he applauds Governor Brian Kemp for cutting off the extra $300 unemployment stimulus in Georgia.

Clyde was a guest on WCHM’s “The Morning After” yesterday.