Encouraging Initial Discussions With Potential Habersham County Business Tenant.



County economic director Charlie Fiveash has to go back at least seven years to remember a better pitch meeting than the one his group had last week with a potential new county business tenant. Fiveash, Baldwin mayor Joe Elam and High school principal Jonathan Stribling among others toured the airport business park with an unnamed supplier who might be a year away from making a multi-million dollar investment in the county. Fiveash says if it happens, the number of jobs created will be small but would likely grow.

State rep Victor Anderson will be putting a few more miles on his campaign vehicle this spring - from Hall county up to the North Carolina line. The reapportionment map means the freshman incumbent serving much of Habersham and White counties will now add Rabun County to his District 10 job.

One positive that he sees is that the new district will include more than 90 percent of Habersham - much more than the current percentage. And the former county commissioner is well known here. Anderson says his district is united by roads...and traffic.

If you smell turkey cooking at the 4 way stop in Clarkesville right now, it’s Eric Holbrooks getting ready to serve 600 people tomorrow.

The 3rd annual Stoneys free thanksgiving meal grew from a casual conversation between Holbrooks and the Stoneys management about feeding those who need a great Thanksgiving meal. He started the cooking at 6 this morning and he’ll still be going past 6 tonight. And he loves every bit of it