Elderly Mt. Airy Man Charged for Alleged Child Molestation


A Mt. Airy man out on bond this morning after being arrested on a child molestation charge allegedly knew his 9th grade academy victim. The Habersham sheriff’s office says James Henry Kinney, age 74, was charged with one count of child molestation and one charge of sexual battery after an improper relationship earlier this year was discovered. Sheriff's lieutenant Matt Wurtz adds they were "acquaintances of the family" and the alleged encounter resulted in the molestation and battery charge.

Kinney spent five days at the detention center and was released on a $44,000 bond. Wurtz says stipulations prevent any further contact between the two.

The special session of the Georgia assembly broke camp today, leaving behind a new congressional map for the 2022 races. Specific to Northeast Georgia, it appears Andrew Clyde’s district will remain intact - with a twist. The 9th district would no longer include Jackson county - where he resides - but would pick up a little bit of North Gwinnett. State rep Victor Anderson doesn’t think the new district should pose a challenge for Clyde.

And Anderson adds that Clyde would not have to live in the district to serve the district.

And Piedmont university is set to release several hundred more eager beavers into the working world. A press release from the school claims 295 young men and women will graduate a week from Friday obtaining bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. Commencement is 10am December 3.