Early Voting Begins Tuesday, Oct. 15

Habersham Co. - Residents of Habersham County will be able to begin voting early next week, starting Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Early voting will go from the 15th until Nov. 1, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

As a reminder, the county offices will be closed this Monday, Oct. 14, for Columbus Day.

Absentee ballots will also be available starting on Oct. 15. 

Major points that will be on the ballot include the nearly $32 million jail bond referendum. “The annual cost to service the jail bond debt is approximately $1,780,900 annually which is a 1.38 millage rate. The approximate cost of this increase on the average home in Habersham County is $71,” according to the county website. At the first town hall meeting, it was said that this would break down to $5.92 per month per home.

Habersham voters will be voting on a new district 5 county commissioner. Five qualified for the Nov. 5 special election for the vacant Habersham County Commissioners seat that was previously held by Ed Nichols. Those who qualified according to Habersham County Elections Superintendent Laurel Ellison, are George Locke Arnold, Michael D. Gosnell, Darrin Johnston, Tim Stamey, and Barry Trotter. 

Baldwin voted to pay to have their precinct open for voters. Mayor Joe Elam tells WCHM that he believes this would increase the turnout of voters. Visit the Habersham County website to see a full list of voting locations.

Clarkesville Mayor Barrie Aycock also wants to remind voters to vote yes if they support the new Sunday brunch ordinance that will allow restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages beginning at 11 a.m. She tells WCHM that “the wording on the ballot may be confusing but vote yes if you would like restaurants to be able to serve you mimosas or a bloody mary beginning at 11 a.m. on Sundays.”

For any questions or additional information regarding voting, or to see if you are eligible to vote in the Nov. 5 elections, call 706.839.0170 or visit the Habersham County website.