E. Lane Gresham Candidate for Clarkesville City Council

Habersham Co. - According to Habersham County Elections Superintendent Laurel Ellison, “The only person that qualified for the City of Clarkesville Post 1 Council Seat by Friday, January 10, 2020 was E. Lane Gresham.”

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to serve Clarkesville,” Gresham tells WCHM. “I was kind of surprised that I was the only one to qualify.”

Gresham goes on to state that there were others who were interested but “for various reasons” didn’t meet the qualifications.

“I’ve been asked the last couple of times there’s been an open spot if I would consider it and I the timing was right for me personally,” Gresham says when asked why she chose to run. 

“I’ve always felt the call to serve,” Gresham says. “My husband and I both have served in various capacities in the community, specifically in downtown Clarkesville, so this just felt like the next opportunity to continue doing what we have always done.” 

 When asked what she believes she will bring to the council, Gresham tells WCHM “I think I have a unique set of skills.”

“I have the perspective (of) being a former employee of the city.” Gresham goes on to talk about her time at the local newspaper and how her “first beat” was downtown Clarkesville. “So I have that perspective of watching the city and watching the leadership and progress that’s been made over the last two decades.”

When asked if this position is just the start of her local political career, Gresham laughingly tells WCHM “I don’t have any plans specifically at this point, I think this will be a good chance to see the organization of the city from the council perspective and that’s something I don’t have.”

“I’m excited to learn more about my community,” Gresham says. 

Gresham is a Northeast Georgia based writer and photographer who is often seen working behind the scenes taking photos at Tallulah Falls School.

Gresham will be filling the seat that was formerly held by John Mitchell, who resigned in the latter part of 2019 due to moving outside the city.

Mayor Barrie Aycock notes that “It’s a little less than a two-year term.”

Photo provided by Gresham