Director Suing County Over Alleged Discrimination

The director of Habersham County’s Human Resources Department is pursuing a lawsuit that alleges the County Commission and County Manager Phil Sutton engaged in racial discrimination. Vinitha Robinson and her attorney filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court in Gainesville on May 4, claiming she was given additional work duties but denied commensurate pay raises that were given to white employees during the same time period. Robinson has been the county's HR director since May 2016. Michael Mondy, the attorney for the plaintiff said, "Ms. Robinson is a good employee. She works hard. She's been there for 4 years and there is no reason for the county not to negotiate her job title and job salary according to her responsibilities and duties." WCHM also spoke with Sutton who referred to a statement released by the commission that said the decision to deny Ms. Robinson’s requests was “legitimate” and performance-based” and they “strongly deny that the decision was based on her race."