COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive in Habersham County

A Christmas miracle? Maybe a tad cliched but it was still a historic day in Habersham as the long-awaited Moderna vaccines rolled into Habersham Medical Center. 

That’s the voice of hospital administrator Keisha Clinkscales as she and the medical staff oversaw dozens of vaccines administered by the RNs assigned to the task. 500 doses in fact arrived and the first one was inserted into the left shoulder of radiologist Dee Dillin.

RN Kim Albertson will be the answer to the trivia question: who was the first nurse with a ready needle. At the beginning of the day, 80 hospital volunteers and county physicians had signed up. As the day carried on iin, that list grew to more than 100. Beyond the medical community, it was announced that residents of the Habersham Home Senior Community are scheduled to receive their first doses in January with a follow up dose in March.

The day didn’t go without some surprises. Some of the supplies - mostly reminder cards - did not arrive as expected but the hospital pressed on. Because after all, as Nurse Johnathan Kirkland pointed out, it means the pain may be ending soon.