COVID-19 Cases Slightly Decrease in Habersham County

Positive Covid-19 tests in Habersham continue to decline. An average of 13 county residents tested positive over the last 7 days, according to the Johns Hopkins website. That’s almost a 50 percent drop from this time last week. Around the Northeast Georgia region, White and Stephens counties continue to struggle per capita compared to neighboring counties. Thankfully, there were no COVID related deaths in Habersham or in Northeast Georgia for that matter this week.

Even 10 days into a new administration and congressional session, Election fraud and security continue to be popular topics in the area. State Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan spoke to WCHM about those issues and how futile some of the arguments were.

And while an agenda for tonight’s meeting was not posted on its website, there’s a good chance the City of Clarkesville council will be talking about alcohol sales. Except this time, it’s about allowing liquor stories to operate inside the city limits. City Manager Keith Dickerson posted on Facebook that the city will entertain a petition on the matter. Provided there are signatures of at least 35 percent of the city electorate. Dickerson also wrote that he knows of two groups that are already going door-to-door seeking support. Tonight’s meeting starts at 6.