COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise in Northeast Georgia

Each new week continues to be a reminder of Covid’s constant presence in Habersham and Northeast Georgia. Two weeks ago, the 7 day rolling average for positive cases in Habersham was 36; now it’s 43. The Johns Hopkins data indicates Rabun and Franklin counties still lead Habersham in per capita positives in the Northeast Section of the state. One part of the population that’s been coivd-free is the medical staff at the hospital. As of late last week, it had been two weeks since there had been a positve among the hospital staff.

Pro-growth supporters are all smiles after the commission vote last week to offer tax abatements to the unnamed hotel project that would appear to be headed to Cornelia. County manager Phil Sutton says the multi-year acceleration will finally get to the point where the hotel is kicking in six figures annually to the tax man. And during that time, Partnership Habersham director Charlie Fiveash predicts the county will enjoy the business the hotel property brings to the county.